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We are a Tribe of Real Estate Investors and Agents


PHX REIA is a tribe of real estate investors, agents, and those interested in learning and growing as a real estate PRO. Our mission is to keep you “One Step Ahead.” We strive to deliver top-notch content, and “A” level networking at our monthly meetings.

PHX REIA was founded by local Phoenix investors who have been in the market for nearly 20 years. They have collectively bought and sold over 10,000 properties.

The PHX REIA as a place that delivers outstanding content and out of this world networking that the founders wish they had at the start of their careers. The PHX REIA is a community of real estate entrepreneurs, wholesalers, flippers, agents & partners passionate about building wealth in real estate.

Real estate is local. Regardless of what you hear in the media regarding real estate, it does not tell the accurate picture of what is happening in our market. And, not just Phoenix as a whole, but down to the neighborhoods and submarkets here in Arizona. Since we have been full-time real estate investors in this local market for nearly 2 decades, and continue to invest to this day we have a “street view” of what’s happening in this market at any given time.

The networking meetings monthly including market updates, tech talks & relevant investor-related content on a monthly basis.

We Have the Knowledge to Make You Successful


The market is constantly shifting and changing. And, there are ways to make money when the market is running up, stagnant or screaming down. The strategy is what is different. Since our founders have been through and experienced multiple market cycles as active investors our job is to put the best information in your hands on a monthly basis.

The PHX REIA board strives to bring the best educators that we know to teach you relevant, actionable information on a monthly basis without the “pitch”. Our goal is to connect you with the best people in the industry who are doing this business at a high level so that you can constantly pull nuggets of wisdom from them to go and implement in your business.

We also believe that real estate is a TEAM sport. In order to be the best that you can be you absolutely must network and add to your team roster. We do this through a fun environment every month for one hour prior to the meeting starting, where you can meet vendors, talk with other investors, meet our founders all while having a drink and really connecting.

We want to encourage you to meet and get to know your local investors. You never know when you will meet your next business partner to fund that deal, bring you that deal, or sell that deal to!

PHX REIA would not exist without our incredible board of directors and professionals sponsors who we consider partners in the success of the PHX REIA. Without each one of them, we couldn’t do this.

We are always FREE for first-timers. After your first time, it is our hope that you will choose to join our tribe as an annual member. We are here to serve you!

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