Shark Tank
Event Application

Apply to be a shark!

Are you an experienced buyer in the Arizona market with $1,000,000 proof of funds? Apply today to be a shark at an upcoming PHX REIA event.

Apply to be in the tank!

Pitch your deal live at the next PHX REIA. Get an opportunity to present an off market property and try to sell it to some of our veterans in the business

The PHX REIA Shark Tank event is an incredible opportunity for both buyers and seller in the real estate industry.


Bring your deals! Qualify to pitch your deal live at the PHX REIA.

Off Market Deals ONLY.

Must be present to attend the PHX REIA event and pitch your property.

We can’t wait to see you live in the tank & get deals done.

Learn how to the pro’s analyze deals live at the PHX REIA.